About Ankapro

Ankapro Products Pty Ltd is the vision of Andrew Jackson. Ankapro was founded on 21st October, 2005 in Adelaide, South Australia and is very proudly Australian.

Andrew has worked in the Plastics Industry for 33 years firstly for minor custom moulding companies and quickly advancing to major automotive suppliers. Some of the companies he has been involved with are Clipsal Australia , Romax Plastics (major supplier of disposable drinkware products), Viscount Plastics (automotive) and Exacto Plastics (automotive). His main roles have been in Management as a Production Manager and Supervisor, new tooling design and trials, injection moulding training, robot programming and robot head design.

Andrew first had the idea for a skirting system some 15 years ago while renovating a turn of the century cottage and needed to replace the skirting. After some design reviews, he decided that a cornice system could be developed somewhat faster and then progress to a skirting as a secondary product. From there, many different ideas and designs of various products have evolved, many finding a solution for a problem that wasn't readily visible or evident such as the cornice and skirting, and never accepting that any product is ever "finished". The end result of this is a company called Ankapro Products Pty Ltd.

Our vision is to provide exciting and innovative products for use in the home and industry.