SaberLoc News

Ankapro (ABN 86116800947) is a company creating and developing various new products in the market place. It was incorporated on 21st October, 2005 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Ankapro has developed a new coordinated cornice, skirting and architrave system called SaberLoc™ using a combination of injection moulded and extruded lengths that have significant cost, weight, installation and maintenance advantages over conventional plaster cornice and timber or moulded timber replacement material (eg MDF) products currently available on the market. They are recyclable, can be made from recycled material, are environmentally friendly, easy to install and remove and provide many other benefits to all levels of installation from the builder to the homeowner.

The system also allows for low voltage wiring (speaker cables, TV aerial or DC lighting) to be carried behind the cornice product and remain easily accessible for maintenance, modification and repairs. A separate moulding will be available that joins our cornice and future skirting, to carry the same wiring from floor to ceiling inside the room. Work is also underway to incorporate a moulding that will snap onto the anchor and create a variety of options including smoke detectors, Passive Infra Red (PIR) security units and LED lighting.

SaberLoc™ is proudly Australian designed and manufactured.